17 Email marketing tips

Email marketing is an efficient way to stay communicated with your clients, while promoting your business. This type of marketing is inexpensive, paperless, good for the environment, and good for promoting business. I will introduce 17 email marketing tips to increase your business.

17 Email Marketing Tips|Go Your Business Viral

No#1.  Secure Your Customer Privacy System

Ensure you guarantee privacy. A customer will not signal up for the number if these folks believe you may retail their deal with to various companies. Ensure you make clear their privacy on your website, or any way you acquire customer information. It is additionally essential to ensure you possess the email handles of repetitive customers.

NO. #2  Learn copywriting

“Copywriting” is the skill of writing sales letters and email content that entice people to buy from you. Copywriting is a long lesson in and of itself, but it can be mastered. The best way to learn copywriting is with a “swipe file”. A swipe file is simply a collection of winning ads, emails, and sales letters that you can use and emulate for your own sales letters.

Now you DON’T want to copy the swipe file pieces directly. This is plagiarism. What you want to do is use them as a guide to gain the insight and “way of thinking” of the copywriter. This will give you a major boost in your email conversion rates – as opposed to writing out emails from scratch. Here’s another good email marketing tip:

No.#3  Don’t make your emails so long

Well, you’re exactly a family member of the people who you are selling to, so when they open up your email, don’t make it a 1,000 word thesis. Give people short but high quality information that they can instantly take in and use in a way that will benefit their lives somehow. Don’t make your emails long.

No#4. Subject Line

Keep your subject line short and sweet: A lot of people make the mistake of creating subject lines that are too long. You want to create a short subject line that your readers will be able to read in its entirety before they open your email. You also have to make sure that the subject line is compelling and creative so that your message stands out form the rest.

No# 5. Clarity and Easy Reading

You want to keep the email simple. Keep it focused and easy to read. Gently and effectively lead the reader to your CTA and let him know what to expect when he clicks on the link. Don’t assume he’ll automatically know.

No#6. Call to Action

Include a call to action in your message: If you fail to include a clear call to action in your newsletter, you won’t be able to direct your readers’ focus towards what you want them to ultimately do, which is to buy your products. You want your call to action to be clear and easy to follow for optimal results.

No#7. Split test

Split test your link placement: The way you display links in your newsletter can significantly influence the results you get. Try different approaches and templates for your newsletter and see which one works best.

No#8. Don’t send messages too often

Don’t send messages too often: Depending on your niche market, the number of emails you send to your list might differ. The best way to know how often you should send emails to your list, you should subscribe to about 5 newsletter in your niche and see how much emails they send on average to their list. This will give you an indication of how many emails you should send to your list.

No#9. Grab Their Attention at First.

Grab Their Attention At The Top – Be sure that the top 350-400 pixels will grab the reader’s attention and is not broken up. Many subscribers may be quickly going through dozens of emails and deleting the majority of them. They will not bother to scroll down the page if they do not feel the email warrants their time.

No#10. Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand – Your emails are also a good opportunity to consistently build your brand among your subscribers. Even those that never click-through or purchase anything will still benefit from your branding. If nothing else you will be building trust and recognition. Keep the look and feel of your emails consistent.

No#11. Provide Value and Free Items

Keep in mind that too much outright selling will only lead to the quick deleting of your messages. It may simply offend your subscribers and they will not look forward to your messages. Always try to provide some really useful and free content in your emails. Subscribers will recognize good content and even if they do not purchase anything they will be eager to your next email. Some people will save good quality emails and may even purchase something months later when they are reviewing it. Including the occasional free e-book, report, or product can also be effective.

No#12. Find the Best Day

To Send Your Emails – For some online businesses sending emails on Tuesday mornings always bring the best results. Some tests show that more people open email, click through, and purchase when it is sent then. Every eBiz is different, however, so it will take some experimenting to find the best day and time for your campaigns.

Send At the Same Day and Time – There are two reasons for being consistent in the day and time you send emails. First, ISPs often consider inconsistency as possible spam, since spammers rarely care when their mass emails are broadcast. Secondly, when you are consistent, your subscribers anticipate your emails arriving and are not surprised or caught off guard. This increases the chance that they will open the email and use your click through links.

No#13 Track Your Leads. Track where your leads come from

Tracking is very important. It lets you know where your leads are coming from, and which ones you should delete after a period of time, or what advertising source you need to eliminate. At first I was reluctant to tracking, but now when I do it, my business is more predictable and readable.

Tracking is very easy with email marketing. You can use an autoresponder to track your leads. I personally use an autoresponder service called “Aweber” to track my leads. Whenever I test out a new advertising source, I simply create a new autoresponder, and in the “tracking ID”, I simply type the name of the advertising source that the leads are coming from. This information is only seen by me – not leads or customers. Here’s another tip for email marketing success:

No#14. Have an unsubscribe option

Don’t trap people on your email list. Instead you always want to have an unsubscribe option for the people that just don’t want to be on your list.

People like this are not worth keeping anyway because they will never read your emails and you want to be targeting the people that will read them.

No#15. Do Not Spam

People hate spammers. So, do not spam your subscribers’ mailbox with your email messages (by doing so will only get you into trouble with the legal authorities).

What I would generally advice is that you should not send your subscribers more than 1 email message in 1 single day (unless it’s really, really urgent and you need to send them a 2nd email message). Instead, what you can do is that you can send a email message to your subscribers once every 3 to 5 days (either to share a new blog post that you’ve just published, or recommend a product and/or service).

No#16. Promptly Monitor Replies

When you effectively market with emails you are likely to receive some replies. A prompt reply while the prospect is still warm will bring better results. If you wait too long to reply they may think you are not responsible or they may even be annoyed. You may also get some great feedback that will benefit your eBiz.

NO#17. Proofread Every Email

Proofread Every Email – Whenever possible have someone else proofread each email before you send it. Most people will miss their own typos and grammatical errors but someone else will catch them. It always looks much more professional when the document is free of obvious errors.

If you follow these email marketing tips I’ve just given to you, your email marketing efforts will be more fruitful. But make sure that you don’t hassle your subscribers, or else you run the risk of them unsubscribing to your list. So make sure that you respect your subscribers and don’t oversell, this way, you’ll gather a loyal following and you’ll be able to use the power of email marketing to its full capacity.


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