7 keys to success email marketing

7 Keys to create a successful Email campaign!

7 Keys to create a successful Email campaign. I am here to show you how can you easily create a successfully email marketing campaign.

Number 1.**BUILD list:**
Before you can have a successful email marketing campaign, you need a good list. In a bad past before the can-spam, you can buy a list and spam a group of people with your message. Some experts suggest against “cold messaging” like that, but it works well if you are very selective in buying a list of possible buyers. The purchase list is art at that time and I paid a lot of money to guide the business where the purchase list tends to produce high refunds. And, the selling list is what makes many specialized and special magazines in business – they provide unique access to very targeted customers.
Now, of course, you cannot buy a list, so you have to develop it yourself (and comply with the can-spam regulations that you can find by following the link above). Since, the law creates your email client (for example, constant contact, Aweber, or Getresponse) responsible for your violations, they can be done well, so they invest in keeping you honest in this matter.
So, how do you run the list?

Include your registration form everywhere – on the Home page and every page of your website, in your store (if you are a brick and mortar), on events, on the social platform …

Offer something (like ebook, coupons, etc.) with rewards register for your email list

Don’t ask for information that you don’t need so it’s fast and easy for visitors to register. Maybe what you need is an email address and name. Don’t forget you can get additional information after they register.

Create your registration form clear without disturbing the user experience (I hate the popup that blocks content until you register or exit). I prefer a small ribbon at the bottom of the screen asking for an email address or something that appears when visitors start scrolling away from your site. Remember, your website is very important for SEO and you don’t want to mess up anything that reduces visit, bounce, or time on the site.

When you send an email, include social sharing and customer’s ability to forward your email to a friend. This is a great way to build your list.Number

Number 2.*Strong content**
Just like everything in marketing, the message is everything.
 Create your content (text and images) interesting and inviting, use a lot of white space and a little humor doesn’t get sick. The more emails look like a private conversation with a friend, the better it will be done.
 Personalization does not end by entering the person’s name. Create an email look like it is designed specifically for each reader.
 Don’t waste your readers with Nonsense: Say what you need and give a link to more information.

Number 3. *Time*
You don’t want to burden the reader by sending too many emails, but you want to use your email marketing to build loyalty and involvement with your target audience. That’s a strict balancing action.
And, there is no one-sized answer for this question. The good index of the right frequency comes from analytics. If your open rate goes down or you start getting complaints or a group of people unsubscribe, you might send too often. If you don’t get people who unsubscribe or complain, you might be able to send more frequent emails.
The key is to send an email when you have something worthy of your audience.

Number 4. *Marketing Automation*
Marketing automation often accepts negative jerk reactions because it sounds like you treat customers as robots that are all treated equally. But, it’s actually the opposite. Whether you prefer Salesforce or other Hubspot or automation tools, email marketing that success requires you to send the right content to the right person at the right time and that means using marketing automation.
There is no marketing automation platform that works well unless you spend time keeping up-to-date information to ensure the content received by customers is targeted for the benefit of their products, stages in customer trips, and other key elements, such as gender.

Number 5. *Analytics.*

Email Marketing analytics
The magic of digital marketing provides a large number of metrics that must guide every marketing decision you make. Here are some metrics that you must watch:
 Customer data such as new customers and unsubscribe
 Performance your email form – I did this by setting goals on Google Analytics, but Aweber also showed me how many times my form was shown and how many customers were produced. I periodically tested A / B to determine the optimal form, placement, etc.
 Campaign performance – how many open, how many clicks, and, if you have installed the tracking code, the target settlement based on each campaign.

7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-Friendly

Number 6. *Mobile Friendly*
Make your mobile-friendly content is the key to successful email marketing. According to the buffer, 47% email is opened on a mobile device. These are their advice to make your content easier for cellular users:
 Convert your email to one column template for easy cellphone repair.
 Improve the font size to increase readability on smart phones.
 Follow the IOS guidelines for at least 44 pixels of 44 pixels.
 Create Call-to-Action clearly and easy to tap. Above the fold is preferred.
 Consider ergonomics. Many users knock and scroll with their thumbs, so keep important elements that are important in the center of the screen.

Number 7. *Customer focus*
Don’t just send an email. Make one equivalent to leads, sales pipes and new customer sales income.
Even in the current environment where each of us receives 50 emails a day from companies that sell their services, emails can still work.
Here are some tips for how to make this successful and some metrics as proof points:

Email Marketing Customer Foucs

Email must be simple and concise. Too often we want to try and have email selling products for us, by entering many values ​​and verbiage propositions. This is done to try to increase the value of the prospect that “open” email, but in reality it will only serve to reduce the level of your response. Open with an interesting statement (or a difficult offer), followed up with 2-3 bullet points, then the action button at the bottom.

The message must be interesting. Do not take advantage of general messages or industrial information, but directly and bravely with your statement. Let the prospect know in a few seconds why they should read and finally click on the action button at the bottom. This usually requires analytics or previous understanding of your target audience.

CTA must be specific. The whole purpose of the email is to get as many prospects as possible to click the action button you can. Make sure and use Verbage that explains exactly what they will receive after they click, don’t ambiguous and make sure you use interesting tactics (free demo / trial / free study), “white paper” isn’t too interesting.

The landing page must be informative. This is where you can add a further explanation of your service and add assets that might appeal to prospects. People are ready to spend more time on the landing page so this is your chance to give them “wow factor”.

You must follow up within 24 hours. Most of the “experts” will say that the value decreases the most significant after 48 hours of response, but I feel that the contact is immediately needed to achieve optimal results. You need to make a process that allows to respond to all prospects that open or click on e-mail in a few hours, as well as technology that displays their activities on your landing page so you can direct follow-up calls to their specific interests.
After extensive testing, utilizing this simple tactic has resulted in a 62-73% more response, a 42% increase in lead and 29% sales increase.
DOS and Prohibition of Successful Email Marketing
It’s a good info-graphic if you want more keys to successful email marketing:

email marketing tips

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