Email Marketing and Text Message Marketing
Email Marketing and Text Message Marketing

Email Marketing and Text Message Marketing

Both the forms are almost similar, and in both cases, you acquire contact information from the customer such that promotion can be done directly.

Text message marketing and email marketing are based on reaching customers fast and don’t wait for the customer to chance upon any advertisement to avail the product or services offered by the company. This form of marketing first prepares a customer list, especially those who are interested in the product and most likely to respond. Sending messages or emails to them is more likely to generate sales and increase revenue.

Both the marketing techniques depend on sending messages based on preferred customer list. However differences exist between sales generated in the two techniques and frequency of read text.

Most email messages are not opened at all. And that which is read account to 20 percent only. On the other hand text messages score well and 95 percent of subscribers read the message. With enhanced use of mobile devices, there have been significant rise in advertisement through text messages and results are positive too. And it takes a little time to go through the text message, every time your mobile sounds the beep message.

With mobile campaign, customers can easily sign up any time. The mobile messages can easily be integrated to other media such as radio, television, signage, and even Twitter, FaceBook, Google Local Search and others. In email marketing, customer has to enter the website and then fill out a form giving the email address. The building of list is much quicker in text messages than email.

The benefits of text marketing is one can expect sales after few moments of sending a message. The text messages are the most viable mode of marketing. It takes an average of 14 minutes to go through the message compared to 6.4 hours for an email.

But nowadays we also have access to web enabled phones to read emails easily.

With the advent of iPad, iPhone and tablets, there has been considerable increase of web enabled devices which make it easy for customers to access the internet. Most people don’t have access to such phones and they depend on their computer to read the mails. In contrast, text marketing is ideal for fast result where customers just show text to the company and start transaction easily.

Email marketing surely scores over text marketing, when it comes to affordable services. Hiring email marketing providers can cost as little as $20 per month and that too is unlimited. Mobile marketing involves a high cost to reach your potential customers. So even though a large business may jump into text marketing, email marketing is still used by a significant percentage of small and medium businesses to gain a foothold in the competitive arena and increase revenue.


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