Email Marketing Still the Top Draw in Europe
Email Marketing Still the Top Draw in Europe

Email marketing and display advertising is more widely used for European markets than even the social media, for promotion of products or services by business.

The research conducted by eCircle, the software and service provider, examined 607 executives from different countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and the UK to study behavior and interest for digital marketing and its strategies.

The outcome revealed that 57 percent use email marketing to reach the target consumers, and 48 percent supported display advertising, and 44 percent were dedicated to the social media.

39 percent businesses also use search engine optimization tools to feature on popular sites like Bing and Google. Mobile promotion accounts to 31 percent against 34 percent for affiliate marketing.

Facebook proved to be useful in countries like the UK and Spain where 50 percent of people like to browse through the latest Web 2.0 portals. In Netherlands it accounts to 49 percent, 41 percent in Germany, 38 percent in France, and 37 percent for Italy.

There are different ways to popularize business on Facebook, popular being the advertising mode used on Facebook by 70 percent of companies, Fanpage promotion account to 60 percent, sponsored pages account to 59 percent. About 54 percent of businesses rely on word of mouth publicity to sell products.

Among the social media, Facebook ranks at top in all the countries under survey, followed by Twitter. Twitter though popular shared equal position with MySpace and Xing in Germany.

Social media stands the ultimate portal for promoting fresh products, and 51 percent of firms believe in that. About 50 percent business use social media for building brand, and customer acquisition stands at 49 percent.

Market research and interaction forms the best part of any business, and nearly 47 percent business experiment with it.

Yet the paramount solution for business or product promotion is the email marketing, whereby emails are sent out including newsletters to the subscribers list, to gain a strong foothold in the online industry. Nearly 75 percent of businesses believe in sending out emails to be the best feasible option.

Basically email marketing and social media now go ‘hand in hand’, with many firms integrating ‘social sharing’ with emails, where links are provided to profile pages and user generated contents incorporated in mails.


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