Email Marketing Timing is Important
Email Marketing Timing is Important

Email Marketing Timing is Important

Choosing the perfect time for email marketing campaign has always been debatable. The timings vary as per needs of the business. The main strategy is to optimize timings to augment the open rates and generate sales.

Customer behavior is vital when it comes to email marketing campaign. New and existing venture should analyze the timing when customers are more likely to click on emails. Trial and error methods should be made applicable to maximize the response.

“It might not be the best day, but surely feels great to be at top of the inbox” stated by Morgan Stewart, CEO of Trendline Interactive.

Surely timing differs radically based on a product. For instance, a pizza company might send email on Friday after 4 pm as they decide that’s best time to attract customer with some special offers. On the contrary, a motorcycle gear company gets it right by sending emails to customer base on Saturday because this is the ultimate time when people think about rides.

Specifically, know your target market and how product could satisfy the consumer.

Why Time is so important to us

Timing is a vital factor in email marketing and companies should comply with that. A billiard supplier company from Colorado, PoolDawg also applied it with great result. The company decided to send 50,000 emails weekly to the customers only on Tuesday late morning. Now this decision by the management was taken after extensive analysis for all days of the week, and the outcome was impressive with an increase of 200 percent open rates, and three times enhancement of click through rates. Wow! That’s incredible! What do you think?

Michael Feiman, president of PoolDawg claims they have looked at the web traffic and sales pattern to examine when their customers place the order. Feiman stated that customers have the habit of accessing emails when they are already online.

Some organizations like SponsorChange, from Pittsburgh depend on email marketing to collect donations and look for volunteers. The non-profit organization sends 7,000 to 10,000 emails, once or twice a month to its huge customer-base informing them about latest projects and membership details.

They went through numerous testing times and found that 9am to 1pm is the fittest for sending emails. The result was 30 to 40 percent response from the emails in a month. Emails sent after 4pm received 8 or 9 responses, and that’s not too bad either.

So we see, one of the vital facets of email marketing, that’s timing.

Set your timings before you send email next time, otherwise it might get rejected, not for content, but because it’s ill timed. Mind it!


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