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Getresponse complete Review — Pros and Cons | Pricing & Features

getresponse review

This article is an in-depth review of Getresponse, tailored to walk you through this email marketing solution, its features, plans, pros, and cons, as well as everything in-between. 

So that in the end, you will be more informed if this platform is what your business need.

Now, I know a lot of you guys are here because you’re wondering?

  • What is Getresponse?
  • What is the cost of its priced plans?
  • Is this email marketing solution user-friendly?
  • Does Getresponse have all the features I need for my business?
  • What’s the difference between Getresponse and other email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Aweber?
  • How does is new conversion feature funnel stand out from the previous?
  • Is it possible to run a webinar with Getresponse?

These are some of the questions we’re going to be answering during the cause of this review, and of course, every other minor detail. Sounds good?

Alright, let’s get to it!

The Ultimate Guide of Getresponse Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is a popular email marketing service that just gets you done. GetResponse serves companies in more than 180 countries with over 1 billion subscribers each month, establishing itself as the simplest email marketing system in the world. The platform makes it easy to create professional looking emails and landing pages using an editor.

 In addition, you can use the email intelligence feature to maximize the impact of your campaign. Easily track, evaluate, and analyze your efforts.

Why is GetResponse a great business software solution like this? First, you do not need a technology background to drive your business with marketing and email automation tools. Vendors offer a convenient -day free trial and a flexible pricing package with a wealth of additional features. You do not need a credit card to sign up for a free trial that allows up to 1,000 contacts.

Getresponse is highly-vetted email marketing software that allows users to:

  • Create mailing lists and also capture data on the list
  • Sends marketing emails to your subscribers 
  • Allows email automation to your subscribers using one of its feature, “autoresponders.”
  • Analyze email marketing campaign statistics such as click-through, open rate, forwards etc.

Vendors also provide 24/7 support through live chat and email. The user experience is great, and third-party integration makes it easy to connect applications to existing business software platforms.

Benefits of using GetResponse:

Intuitive and amazing template creator

Convenient detailed learning center

Full of great features!

Create a subscriber list:

GetResponse provides multiple ways to create a subscriber list. If your contact list is small, just enter your email address. For larger lists, you can upload the le or link to a third-party solution such as Zen desk Support, Salesforce, or Google. When importing a list, use a partner service named BriteVerify to eliminate invalid email addresses.

Set up a campaign:

You can use two tools to create a campaign. Start from scratch and use the Email Creator tools that come with hundreds of templates. If you want to use your own code, use an HTML tool.

Track campaigns:

The GetResponse dashboard shows all your campaigns in one place. You can view useful information such as the number of contacts who received the email and the number of opened emails. Update the tool to generate a report and deliver it to your inbox. Finally, GetResponse makes it easy to and contact information, history of campaigns submitted, and campaign open, and click-through rates. These insights allow you to direct future emails to specific customer segments.

Over the years, Getresponse has shifted its core focus from an ordinary email solution platform to an all-in-one solution like an e-commerce and marketing solution. 

Unlike most apps that place more emphases on email marketing, Getresponse provides e-commerce features, automated sales funnels, landing pages and webinar hosting.

As an email marketing solution, this platform has been on the ground since 1998 and has over 350,000 users using their software for their email marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, it is essential to point out that this platform is not grounded like some email marketing software. 

But, Getresponse is a well-establish platform and is going to stick around for a long time.

Getresponse pricing-Piricing Module of Getresponse Email Marketing Tools.

Getresponse provides four (4) plans for users:

  • Basic: Getresponse basic plan goes for $15/month, offering unlimited emails to as many as 1,000 subscribers 
  • Plus: The Plus plan starts at $49/month for 1,000 subscribers
  • Professional: This plan cost $99 per month for 1,000 subscribers 
  • Max: There is no fixed price for this plan. Users will have to contact Getresponse for a quotation.

Irrespective of the plan you decide to use, if you add more subscribers other than the I000 stated, the price will increase. If you’re a business or marketer having up to 100,000 subscribers, you likely have to pay $450 to $580 for those figures. Like we’ve earlier mention for its Max plan, it all depends on the size of the user’s list. If you’re interested in the Max plan, you will have to call across and negotiate with Getresponse for a specific price.Along with the price plans, Getresponse offers potential users a 30 days free trial to try out their platform.The key difference between Getresponse priced plans.

Getresponse provides the entire essential feature and more that businesses will need for their email marketing campaign.

Core features of its plans are:

  • Import, grow and host subscriber list
  • Diverse Themes users can use for e-mail newsletter
  • Autoresponder functionality
  • Split testing
  • Responsive email designs
  • Landing pages
  • Social sharing tools
  • In-depth reporting
  • Detailed segmentation options
  • RSS functionality

There are differences between the price plans Getresponse offers to its users, but I will be pointing out the major ones.

Automation Builder:

 The automation builder is perhaps the standout unique feature of Getresponse. It’s a feature that allows you to build an autoresponse sequence based on the subscriber’s behaviour.

This feature is not available on the basic plan. You can access the feature on the Plus plan or other higher-priced tiers.

You’re allowed to set 5 automations for the Plus plan, but on other higher tiers like its Professional and Max, you have access to unlimited automation.

Conversion Funnels:

The basic plan is limited in terms of conversion funnels. You will have access to more conversion funnels when you opt-in for Getresponse higher plan tiers.


Getresponse does not offer the webinar feature on its basic plan, so you’re looking out for this functionality. You will have to be on its Plus, Professional or Max plan.

The number of permitted webinar attendee for the Plus plan is 100 that for the Professional plan are 200, and 300 for its Enterprise plan.

Team management: 

The basic plan is limited to only one user account. On the flip side, the Plus plan offers three accounts management, five accounts for the Pro plan, while the enterprise allows ten team managements.


Getresponse offers an order recovery feature that is only available on a higher tier plan and not the basic plan.

We’re going to discuss these features extensively during our review.

How Getresponse priced plans does compare to its competitors?

Unlike most of its competitors that offer a yearly package for their plans, Getresponse provided a pay-per-month solution, which is inarguably cheaper than most of its key competitors.

When you take a deep look at the pricing spectrum, you find out that Getresponse is relatively priced. 

You can use the basic plan if your email list is between 8,000 to 10,000 records, just $65 every month.

This works out:

  • $4/ month, which is relatively cheaper than Aweber
  • $24/month, relatively cheaper than Campaign Monitor
  • $34/month, more affordable than Mailchimp

Some other things that distinguish Getresponse from its competitors

Some email marketing solutions like Aweber and Mailchimp provides users with free accounts with small or limited features. (Users will have to subscribe to a paid plan to enjoy complete features).

Other solutions (like Mailchimp, which is the perfect example in this case) will charge you subscribed and unsubscribed contact hosting.

On the other hand, Getresponse only charges its users for their active subscribers.

Getresponse will provide you the opportunity to a discount when you’re making an upfront payment for its services, let’s say for a year or two. Other solutions do not offer any discount.

So, it all points to the fact that Getresponse outshines most of its competitors in terms of service pricing.

Getresponse Features:

GetResponse has a great collection of Features. Rosa features a visual email editor (required for most marketers designing on the front end), web form authors, landing page authors, and a free image library. I am. Marketing professionals will be drawn to the landing page creators and free image libraries provided by iStock Photos. Technicians, on the other hand, thank the creators of the web forms (no marketing requirements to the technical department).

When you compare Getresponse to most of its competitors, it’s evident that it offers a handful of features even at its entry-level than others out there.

Getresponse does pretty well to provide all the essential features businesses will need from an email campaign platform like templates, list, autoresponders, hosting, and analytics and so on.

But that’s not all. Getresponse goes beyond providing just email marketing solution because it also offers all-in-one e-commerce and marketing solution.

But here is the big question. Do these features make Getresponse a master of all trade or maybe a master of none?

Alright, let’s dive into the features!

1. Autoresponders

These are e-mail newsletters you can send across to your subscribers at any time.

For instance, you can put this autoresponder in place so that

  • Anytime someone subscribes to your mail list, they get a welcome message from you 
  • Opportunity for your new subscribers to receive discount offers from your business
  • Some weeks later (3 weeks later), they get a notification encouraging them to link up with you on social media.

And, so on.

The autoresponder feature is one of the platform’s unique key selling point when compared to its competitors.

It gives you the avenue to send auto-response messages based on your subscribers’ behaviour or actions.

  • Clicks
  • Open
  • Changes in contact preferences
  • Subscription to specific lists
  • Completed transactions
  • Changes in user data
  • Birthdays

2. Marketing automation tools

The autoresponder feature also provides a detailed marketing strategy for automatic email sequencing called “Marketing Automation”.

This feature is not available on Getresponse Basic plan. You can only access it if you’ve subscribed for its higher-tier plans, like the Plus and Pro plan.

With its drag and drop builder, you can use this feature to create automatic workflows.

All you need to do is set up an automatic flowchart to instruct Getresponse on the steps to take if a subscriber clicks on a link or views a particular offer.

3. Getresponse email templates 

Getresponse features a total of 220 templates. However, it is less than some of its competitors, notably Aweber, offering over 650 templates. 

Getresponse templates are varied in design and cuts across various marketing needs and are entirely tweak able. 

Its email templates are in various categories, mainly tailored towards educating, promoting, selling etc.

In my opinion, I would say the quality of these templates is high, and I won’t need to have a second thought about using them for my email marketing campaign.

Nevertheless, unlike some of its competitors, Getresponse did not chip in a custom template for texts and heading. 

What this means is that you’re not able to set a re-usable template for emails, so you’ll have to compose emails, which can be quite tedious sometimes.

On the flip side, to pay back for that, its email creator permits extensive use of various web fonts. 

You are not limited to Getresponse featured fronts because you explore other Google fronts and use them for your email newsletters. 

The platform’s extensive web fonts is an excellent feature considering the fact it will help cooperate brands maintain their brand values and aesthetics during email campaigns. 

Lastly, this email marketing provider offers fully responsive templates. It entails that these templates adjust automatically irrespective of the device. They are being viewed on – tablet, mobile, computer, etc.

Getresponse also does well to include preview features so that users can see how their email newsletter will appear on each of these devices. 

4. Analytics

Now, when it comes down to analytics, Getresponse do provides detailed reporting options and analytics. 

You will be provided with the basics such as click-through, open rate, unsubscribe rate and the likes. 

Asides from this, some reporting features tags with the ones we’ve mentioned above.

The analytic features include

One-click segmentation:

This feature allows you to identify those subscribers that didn’t click on the email newsletter you sent. 

This will enable you to resend the same newsletter to these subscribers in another style or version. 

  • Metrics over time:

The metric analytic feature allows you to track your subscribers’ respond or take action about your sent email newsletters. It will enable you to determine the timeline to send future mail outs strategically. I also like the time travel feature to ensure that scheduled messages reach recipients at the right time, anywhere in the world.

For example, many email programs allow you to set a send time, but it will sent based on your time zone. This is until your international recipient receives it at three and your message arrives at the office in the morning while the local recipient at 9 is receiving your message as intended. It means that it is already buries in.

GetResponse’s time travel feature solves this problem so that recipients can receive messages when they want, no matter where they are.

  • Email ROI: 

This analytic feature gives you the avenue to determine if your email campaigns drive in sales or otherwise. 

You do this by adding a tracking code to each email marketing campaign on your post-sales page. The GetResponse email analysis was also impressive (see image below). Built-in analytics is so in-depth that users can perform A / B testing to find out which email version produces better results.

  • Pre-user information:

With this, you can keep track of your subscribers, like the emails there clicked on, where they signed up, the subscriber location and more. 

  • Email newsletter performance comparison:

This analytic feature allows you to compare the performance of different newsletters easily to know the ones that convert sales more.

When you compare Getresponse to some of its competitors like Aweber and Mailchimp, they do offer a more diverse and detailed reporting tool.

Getresponse stands out from other email marketing solution when it comes to analysis. Users can split five different messages using form field, header, content, sending them as variables.

But other competitors only allow users work with no more than three variants. However, these features are not the same on other Getresponse new templates, as you can only use different subject headers.

5. Landing page creator

Businesses that implore landing pages usually make more leads when compared to others. Others place their core focus on information-packed websites. 

It is a feature that Getresponse provides to its users, “A landing page creator”, which a handful of its competitors don’t offer.

With the Landing page creator, you can build pages for your marketing campaign and compare the conversation rate with other pages in real-time. 

It gives you the avenue to pinpoint the landing pages with positive effects so that you can improve your campaign in the long run. 

Getresponse landing page creators turn out to be user-friendly and cost-saving because you can also use third-party landing page tools like Instapage and Unbounce with its functionality.

The exciting part is that Getresponse landing feature is available on all its priced plans. 

This is a big bounce because most landing page tool like Instapage and Unbounce cost a minimum of $199 and $80 respectively for their landing page tool.

Each landing page you create will be linked with various analytical tools and cookies, such as Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and Google Tag Manager.

What’s more? Getresponse features a total of 180 landing page templates for you to use. The templates are clean and professional in appearance. 

Notwithstanding, there are three slight drawbacks regarding its landing page creator. For starters, you’ll need to create a different version of landing pages for smartphones and desktop. 

Secondly, the landing page creator’s user interface is not so intuitive when compared to paid landing page creators like Instapage. 

Plus, the landing page creator lacks a consent cookie banner, which cannot be so great if Eu users linked their Facebook pixel because they would have broken the cookie privacy law. 

Overall, the landing page creators pose a practical feature that will help users generate more traffic and sales to their marketing campaign. 

6. Webinars

A webinar is a new feature that Getresponse made available to its user, which is “host webinars”.

Considering that webinars will generate more leads and act as a revenue-generating feature, it appears to be a big plus from Getresponse.

Webinar hosting is quite competitive in regards to price. For example, a competitor like Gotowebinar will charge you $59 per month if you intend to host webinars with up to 100 users.

Getresponse offers the same feature for just $40 per month with different participants depending on the plan you’re on.

Looking at its participant limits, Getresponse allows up to 100 participants for the “Plus” plan.

The Professional plan permits a total of 300 webinar participant, while its “Enterprise” plan gives you 500 attendees.

Getresponse does not limit access to Basic plan users in regards to the webinar function. You can access its webinar feature for as low as $40 per month, which permit 100 participants, while $99 will get you 500 participants limit.

Rather vaguely, this email marketing solution did start that webinar feature is limited to Basic plan users residing in North America.

So, if you’re a Basic plan subscriber residing in North America, you will have to opt-in for Getresponse higher tiers before you can access its webinar functionality.

Getresponse webinar feature includes:

  • Video sharing (YouTube)
  • Screensharing functionality
  • Webinars one-click record
  • No software installation needed
  • Free storage for playback files
  • Powerpoint presentation upload

Now, its downsides

You can’t record all you want because the file storage is limited for webinars recording. The plus plan offers 3 hours, Professional caps at 6 hours, while the Enterprise plan offers 10 hours of webinars recording.

A webinar is one of the key features that make Getresponse stands out from other critical email marketing solutions. It’s a feature you should have handy in your email marketing arsenal.

Alright, let’s move on to another unique feature of Getresponse, “Conversion funnel.”

7. Conversion Funnels

Conversion funnels is yet another feature recently introduced by this email marketing expert.

This feature turns Getresponse from just an email marketing solution to something else, “An e-commerce platform.”

In other words, Getresponse conversion funnels allow you to run your e-commerce business without having to leave its environment. That’s the idea!

Through the conversion funnel, you can:

  • Create product catalogue
  • Create landing pages
  • Carryout Facebook ad campaign
  • Receive payments for products
  • Add subscriber to your autoresponder cycles
  • Drive subscribers to your sales pages

It is crystal clear that Getresponse set this conversion feature for users that need an e-commerce feature so that they wouldn’t be any need to use other apps.

Getresponse provides various templates for users to use, tagging that this feature is available across all of its plans.

Though the feature is available in all plan, users on the Basic plan are limited to one funnel creation. Plus, you won’t be able to use its abandoned cart recovery feature.

The cart recovery feature automatically sends emails to individuals that included an item in their cart but never made a purchase.

So, if all this sound good to you and you’ll want this feature in your e-commerce business, the only option is to subscribe to Getresponse higher-tier plans.

The conversion funnel feature provided by Getresponse also permits third-party integration. This means you can integrate third-party platforms like Etsy, Bigcommerce and Shopify.

8. Apps and integrations

If you’re a big fan of integration channels, then you’re in luck. Getresponse provides more than 140 integrations that you can use.

You can integrate with various content management and e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Etsy, Bigcommerce and even CRM systems, like Highrise and Capsule.

It also includes Google integrations, where you can add Google Analytics, import Gmail contact lists, and even link Google Ads landing pages for your email campaign.

You can also integrate with Getresponse using its Application Programming Interface, but that’s if you have the technical skills.

Most of the integration channels available in Getresponse are official. But, some of these integrations do make use of Zapier, a third-party tool for connection.

9. Data capture and forms

In Getresponse, users can make use of form in two different ways. You can choose to go with an HTML form that suits or site design, or you could pick from Getresponse diverse template and tweak the design to match your needs. 

If you decide to use the HTML form, you can use a Javascript code snippet to add the form and display it on your site.

It can be used to capture data fields or even populate custom fields. The javascript form is compatible with both desktop and IOS devices. 

You can use a different web front and even enable the spambot-blocking CAPTCHA feature, allowing you to prevent fake signups.

As earlier mentioned, you can also integrate using Getresponse CMS, which gives WordPress users an avenue to incorporate a tool like Gravity Forms to control appearance. 

10. Ease of use

An overview through its platform shows that Getresponse offers a user-friendly experience because it is easy to use. You don’t need in-depth marketing skills to make use of this email marketing solution tool. 

The tools’ basics are very easy to use, like creating email campaigns, importing contacts, checking statistics and autoresponder setup. 

In addition to its basics, the Getresponse segment management is intuitive and easy to scale through without any third party help. 

The learning curve of Getresponse advanced feature, like its marketing automation tool, is not very steep. 

For a more intuitive user experience, Getresponse has considerably improved its email creator. 

Customer Support

GetResponse’s service is so great that I cannot help but admire it. There are UK phone numbers and the US so anyone who wants to use the service can contact us from the US or any other country.

Before now, Getresponse customer support was one of the best, offering what I will refer has comprehensive phone support, live chat support, and email support to its users.

Today, the platform no longer offers phone support to subscribers in all its priced plan. Its phone support is now limited to higher plan tiers – “Enterprise plan” and Max plan.” 

So, if you’re a Basic or Pro subscriber, you’ll have to make use of the live chat support and email support. 

However, if you take a closer look at what Getresponse customer support offer, you’ll consider it has to be fair. 

Most email marketing platform only offers email and live chat support, with no phone support.  

The email support cuts across eight languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.  

Is there a free trial on Getresponse?

Let most of its competitor, Getresponse, also offers a free trial for its services. It allows potential users to make a more informed decision if the platform is excellent for their business needs. 

The free trial is for 30 days, allowing you to have a list with up to 1000 active subscribers.

I was impressed with the great features of GetResponse, but disappointed that there was no permanent free plan. Even so, it offers excellent service compared to other companies, so it is suitable for those who are new to it. I think it is better to increase the number of contacts, send emails, and get used to the world of email marketing before signing a contract.

Pros of Getresponse

  • It offers a user-friendly interface
  • Custom DKIM is offered across all plans
  • Detailed reporting features
  • Getresponse offers more functionality, even its Basic plan, when compared to most competitors. You’ll be getting more for less.
  • It provides discounts for upfront payment for a year or two, which is something you won’t get in all of its key competitors
  • Advanced feature for email marketing automation
  • It offers flexible data segmentation, making its list management effortless when compared to most email marketing solution out there
  • It offers a webinar and genuine USP – a feature not common amongst most competitors
  • It provides a conversion funnel so businesses that what to take care of their e-commerce need social media ads and sales funnels.
  • Customer support is offered in  various languages
  • Provides reliable integration metrics tools
  • It features a landing page creator

Cons of Getresponse

  • Phone call support is limited to Entreprise and Max plan
  • Most of its integration channel makes use of a third party like Zapier
  • It’s drag and drop feature for its landing pages are a bit clumsy

My overall experience: not bad, but can be better

In many cases, the feature worked fine, but I found that the author of the web form was quite buggy and not user friendly. Therefore, I may not be Bill Gates, but I know how to get around the email-marketing program … and this web form writer did not do that trick

The good thing is that the company is launching new features regularly the situation will probably be fixed soon.  


In a nutshell, Getresponse is a perfect option as an email marketing solution and e-commerce platform. This is something you won’t get among its key competitors.

Its priced plans are relatively more affordable when compared to most of its key competitors.

Plus, with the fact that its Basic plan features offer a handful of functions, some email marketing solutions charge way higher.

Getresponse provides various features ranging from conversion funnels, landing page creator, automation, email marketing, webinar and e-commerce all in one place.

Finally, I can say that GetResponse is the best email marketing tool for businesses who looking for a great email marketing automation tool, cost-effective CRM solutions, and a wide range of templates to choose from. Compared to similar tools on the market, GetResponse also offers relatively competitive prices. Get 30 days free trial now!

If You like it will be a great success for my dedication & effort of writing a great article.



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