Top 5 Email Marketing Reviews
Top 5 Email Marketing Reviews

Top 5 Email Marketing Reviews 2021

Choosing an autoresponder depends upon various factors. We have chosen the 5 best autoresponders based on these factors:

User friendly: these autorespondes are easy and convenient to use rather than complicated and difficult.

Multi-functional: they have a range of features other than the basic ones.

Cost-friendly: they are affordable according to the features they provide.

Scalable: these autoresponder are able to create list of 100 or 100,000.

Solid customer support: the company offers video tutorials and always available customer service.

Tracking: It is able to tell you who opened and clicked on the email links.

Impressive track record: the autoresponders we recommend are one of the best in market with an amazing track record.

Which are the best Autoresponders?

According to our studies and experience, these are the finest autoresponders available based on the aforementioned features. There are worthy of being reviewed on our website.

1 Email Marketing – GetResponse

Having in the market since 2000 and with a deliverability rate of 99%, Get Response is one of the most excellent autoresponder systems at the moment. If you are a beginner in email marketing, it is a wise choice due to its easy-to-understand interface. Moreover, the customer service through phone as well as email is amazing as well. For converting visitors into customers and making a long-term relationship with them, GetResponse is one of the best choices. It offers autoresponders, email creators, webinar services, and landing page tools. So far, it has over 3,50,000 satisfied users around the globe.

Templates available are known to resize as per the screen of the customer’s device. They are all responsive as well. It offers different types of forms as per your requirement such as scroll form, exit pop-up, shake the box, etcetera. Apps are also available to help you build the list. Apart from being one of the best email marketing solutions in the market, GetResponse is also an amazing autoresponder.


Cost: Undoubtedly, GetResponse is one of the most affordable email marketing services available in the market. The price for 5000 subscribers is just $45 while comparatively, Aweber charges $49 and Mailchimp charges $50 for 5000 subscribers. In addition to that, you get a free trial for a month without providing your credit card details.

You can set up a schedule according to your needs to send the emails. The software can easily set up autoresponder in a calendar view.

It also offers an option of A/B testing on subject lines which helps in assessing click rates, open rates and improvement.

Clear and effective grade reporting.


There is no option to segment email campaigns as per the location of the subscriber.

Email builder is not as per requirement and the same thing goes with drop and drag function of the email builder.

When it comes to functionality of the automation feature, it is not sufficient.

View The Official GetResponse Website

2 Email Marketing – AWeber

According to us, Aweber is one of the top 2 service providers when it comes to autoresponders. It is a reliable and widely known brand all over the internet. There are more than 600 templates to choose from so that you can choose the right one as per your needs and wishes. To make sure than the subscriber gets your emails, Aweber has been tested positive in major email platforms such as Gmail and Hotmail. You can also know things such as who received the message, who opened the mail, how much revenue was generated by the messages after the emails are sent out. This is done by Aweber’s Communications’ amazing reporting tools.

The tracking and analytics features provided by Aweber are one of the most excellent in the industry. You will get the best possible support through mail, phone, or chat. The email support feature is especially brilliant. One is able to manage, send and keep a schedule of the time at which the mail needs to be sent. These tools are very helpful in reaching to all of your subscribers without putting a lot of efforts. Set the message you want to send, set up the autoresponder and all the other work will be done by Aweber communications.


Excellent delivery rate of 99%.

Social media integration is possible.

The customer service is amazing.

Template customization is also available.

Pre-prepared templates.

Loading time is lightening fast.



Unavailability of wizard to set up a step-by-step email campaign.

One is unable to upload any files. For instance, if you wish to insert images, they need to be hosted on Flicker or your website.

3 Email Marketing – Mailchimp

It offers to the customers a chance to send 12,000 free emails to 2,000 subscribers. You don’t need a credit card for taking advantage of this free package and it is without a contract. However, in case you want to enjoy the full benefits with all the features, you will need to invest a small amount of $10 per months for 500 subscribers. A lot of autoresponders do not have a good support but this product is the exception in this case.

If you are just a beginner with a small market at starting, price must be taken into consideration. In this case, this is one of the best choices for you. If you know for sure that the business is going to grow more than 2,000 users and you want to migrate to a new vendor, it is very important to keep in mind the impact it will have on your existing customers. Changing vendors is definitely tough and you have a risk of losing some customers when you change the package.


Free service for 2,000 customers.

Set-up wizard.

Social media integration.


Pre-prepared templates.

The subscriber’s location is collected according to the IP address leading to email segmentation.


Every mail sent through a free account has a Mailchimp logo at the bottom. This will greatly confuse the customers whether they should visit the Mailchimp website or your website.

No option available to upload extra templates of your choice. You can only choose the existing templates or customize them.

The loading time for graphic intensive web pages is more than normal webpage.

4 Email Marketing – Constant Contact

For flawless emailing, Constant Contact is one of the many services available. They have very strict policy and are less lenient than their competitors in this regard. The deliverability rate is excellent and it has all the necessary features of an autoresponder. They offer the first two months free of cost and provide all the features. In this time, you can try it and decide if you wish to continue or not.

The charge for 500 subscribers is $15 and list only goes up with the growth in list. For example, if you have 25,000 subscribers, it will charge you around $150 every month. The deliverability is excellent and customer service is impressive as well. There is also an option to import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express.


The connectivity between merchant and products account is commendable.

Payments are recurring.

The commissions is through affiliate programs.


There is extra charge for customer service calls.

The support forum is not up to the mark.

Unavailability of email templates.

5 Email Marketing – IContact

There is an option to give personal touch to each and every mail by using mail merge technology. In this, you can customize the email subject lines and body by putting every customer’s name. To make sure that the subscribers and followers on social media check out your content, you can publish email on the internet. You can be updated with the open rates and click rates with iContact and also be aware of the statistics quite similar to other autoresponders.

If you own a premier iContact account, there is an option of split testing you can try. In this option, you can send the same message with different versions. After that, you can check which email was more liked by the subscribers and plan for future mail tasks. iContact autoresponder also offers SpamCheck™ and by this you can make sure the mails are going to the subscriber’s inbox and not their spam folder.


Social media integration is possible here.

Easy-to-use and user-friendly dashboard interface.

According to demographics, email segmentation is possible.

You can set-up a contact list based on social media contacts.

There is no limitation on the emails you can send and the customer service is also excellent.


Functions of autoresponder are limited.

There is unavailability of analytics for emails and subscribers.

The image storage is quite small with 5MB.


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